Motec M84

Motec M84

The new MoTeC M84 ECU delivers a unique package of professional-level features at an entry-level price. Designed with the same sophisticated technology that leading motorsport teams trust worldwide, this is intelligent, race proven control with just the right amount of versatility

Motec M84 ECU Features

  • On-board Wideband Lambda and Data Logging included, no extra hardware or cost
  • Now with Nitrous Injection and 100 Hz maximun data logging rate
  • Shares the advanced technology pedigree of MoTeC’s world-renowned M800 ECU
  • Programmable, sequential control of engines up to 8 cylinders and quad rotaries
  • Accommodates almost all OEM sensors and factory trigger modes
  • 8 Auxiliary outputs for user-defined functions such as boost control and intercooler spray bars
  • Dedicated, Windows-based ECU Manager software with sophisticated diagnostics to assist with installation, tuning and troubleshooting
  • Optional Advanced Functions: Traction and Launch Control, Hi/Lo Injection (staged injection), Gear Change Ignition Cut (for flat shifts) and Overrun Boost Enhancement (anti-lag)
  • World class data analysis using MoTeC’s i2 software
  • CAN connectivity to other MoTeC devices - easily integrates with a Dash and Shift Light Module

M84 Brochure

Motec M84 ECU Brochure

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