Motec M400

Motec M400

Developed with the same advanced technology as our revolutionary M800 and M880 models, the MoTeC M400 reflects the demand for sophisticated electronics to control today’s highly evolved engines.

Offering four injector drivers and four ignition outputs, the M400 is a fully programmable management system ideal for engines up to four cylinders with sequential injection and multi-coil ignition. It is also well suited to twin rotary applications.

Eight auxiliary outputs provide control for aftermarket devices and systems normally managed by the factory computer. These can be allocated as required to functions such as 3D boost control, nitrous injection, intercooler spray bars, idle speed, shift lights, warning alarms and many more.

The MoTeC M400 system includes a 32 Bit microprocessor as standard plus Narrowband Lambda control and Wideband Lambda control using an external meter. Optional features such as Continuously Variable Camshaft Control and Drive by Wire Throttle Control provide the flexibility to suit a wide range of modern vehicles.

Coninuously Variable Cam Control

The M400 provides the capability to control fully variable camshaft timing using factory trigger wheels and sensors. Each cam can be independently adjusted in 0.5 degree increments based on RPM and load. This allows users to optimise engine tuning across a wide range of operating conditions to achieve better high end performance and low speed torque. Other benefits include enhanced idle, fuel economy and emissions control.

Drive By Wire Throttle Control

Drive by Wire technology uses an electronic throttle instead of the traditional mechanical system, interpreting pedal input from the driver via sensors while controlling a throttle actuator. The M400 caters for this high-tech function, employing sophisticated software and hardware that is compatible with most OEM Drive by Wire units.

The M400 System

MoTeC is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service. Our team of support personnel and trained dealers will provide expert technical assistance and advice on the most suitable MoTeC system for your application.

M400 Brochure

Motec M400 ECU Brochure

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