BTC Moto Motect M1

BTC Moto Motec M1 ECU

The updated version of the BTC Moto Motec M1 ecu is now available.

Most ecu’s have a multitude of options of which can be hard to find often hidden within the ecu software. With this in mind BTC Moto have listened closely to tuners and racers and have come up with a simple to use race ecu interface. The ecu opens with only the essential functions shown, all the other functions are still available.

Once set up the ecu opens with 4 options for race tuning.

1. Launch control

Launch control covers the in stage rpm limit (2 step) and boost generation. This function also includes a first gear guard rpm limiter. Further information including set up can be found on BTC app note 1.

2. Power control options

Power control options allow the user to tune using either ignition timing, fuelling, ignition cut percentage or a combination of all three. Each table contains a BTC Moto gear* axis v a BTC Moto timer** axis, giving the user precision control in each gear. Tuning using these tables can be found on BTC app note 2.

3. Fuel trims

Fuel Trims allow fine tuning of the fuelling through a number of user selectable tables, including the Motec M1 ‘lambda was’ function which takes the guesswork out of setting the fuelling. Fuel tuning can be found on BTC app note 3.

4. Shift light

Shift light option contains the BTC Moto gear v rpm shift light. As well as adjusting the rpm that the shift light illuminates in each gear the brightness can also be adjusted here.

Advance functions

BTC Moto advance functions such as NLR Air clutch control BTC app note 4, Predictive speed traction control BTC app note 5 and Compound throttle roll BTC app note 6 are available to add on at any time.

*BTC Moto gear is a ‘shift counter’ based system incrementing up on each press of the shift button.
**BTC Moto timer is a run timer which reset on the selection of each gear.

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